About Me

Who Is The Confetti Girl?

Hi. I’m Jen.
23. London. Moved here from Germany in 2011(ja, ich spreche deutsch).
Used to have a blog called ‘Konfettimaedchen’, which I updated frequently for almost 3 years since 2009. When I moved to London I started neglecting it and eventually deleted it in 2014.

On this fresh new blog I just want to share little pieces of my life, documenting what I am doing and keeping the creativity alive, pushing myself to create content - even if it is just a lame selfie or a photo of my dinner.

Why “Confetti Girl”?
- The answer to this is simple but also a bit embarrassing. Actually, no, it’s not.
I was and am a massive My Chemical Romance fan and in 2007 (I was 16) I saw them live 12 times all over Europe and I made it a habit to bring a bag of confetti to the shows and throw on stage. 
Gerard Way used to pick up the bag, tear it and throw all the confetti in the audience at the gigs. 
At one show (in Dusseldorf) - when he picked up the bag he said ‘Bags of confetti... Hey, you are the confetti girl!
And since then I have been using ‘confetti girl’ or the German ‘konfettimaedchen’ as usernames in many places. 

If you want to contact me: jendrefotografie@gmail.com

- Jen.