WANT: Items I like In February

Wants 2015

I am well into my fashion at the moment. Here are some things currently on my wishlist...

(To go to straight to each item, click on it on image above!)

1) ASOS Ridley Jeans with busted knee
I haven't really worn jeans for a long time. I own a pair of Dr. Denims but otherwise I stick to my tights usually. Lately I have been really wanting some black jeans though and I like the ripped knee look! 

2) Cropped Jumper
I actually have seen the perfect one recently but I didn't buy it - now I can't find it anymore. Classic. But I just think a simple cropped jumper can really bring something to an otherwise plain outfit.

3&4) Playsuits
I love playsuits and I want to add some more to my wardrobe. Simple and dressy ones. I love Ark for playsuits.

5) Checked Red Shirt
Maybe not a super long one like that - but just a simple one. Think it looks cute with the Ridley jeans and it goes well with my otherwise colourless scheme of black, grey and white.

6) White/Cream Dress
Been wanting a light dress for a while, originally for Christmas. So far I haven't found the perfect one but I think it would be nice to have something that isn't black to wear out.

7) Destroyed Denim Shorts
Yes, it is winter... but it is also London, so in no time I can wear stuff like this again... planning ahead here!

8) Choker
I am obsessed. What can I say. I want more. More More MOOOORE!

9) Baggy Marled Longsleeve
This one is actually from H&M and I actually got this one yesterday! Will appear in a haul soon. I love it. So simple, but so easy to style.

- Jen.


  1. ahh das karo hemd/kleid wollte ich auch schon mal bestellen


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