Animal Testing Free / Vegan Cosmetics & Products

A while ago I decided to switch to cruelty-free products, cosmetics and household cleaners, soaps, detergents etc.
I used to have a job where I was gifted tons (!!) of products, especially shampoo and shower gel from big companies that do animal testing. I will probably take years to use all of my stash up, but I don’t want to throw it all away either as that won’t help anyone now. But I don’t want to buy anything that has been tested on animals. Furthermore, I want to try and buy predominately vegan products. This may not always be possible but I’ll certainly try.

I have always tried to look out for cruelty-free products but now I want to take it super seriously. I am just against it... for obvious reasons. Animal-testing for medicine is a different topic but smearing hair dye in rabbits' eyes to see if it stings? Seriously? Just no.

Animal testing for cosmetics is illegal in the EU, but as far as I am informed this is only valid for the end product, so single ingredients could still be tested.. also, companies often test in other countries and any company that sells in China has to have their products tested on animals and it is the law there.
You see, it is all a bit complicated. I am also not yet sure how strict I want to be. Companies like Urban Decay and The Body Shop are against animal testing and advertise this.. at the same time they are owned by L'Oreal, a massive company that does do animal testing. So if I buy something from The Body Shop, does my money go to L'Oreal? Am I supporting cruelty? I don't know.

As for now I don't want to buy from them.

What's your opinion on animal-testing? Do you buy cruelty-free?

- Jen.


  1. I really want to buy only cruelty-free products, but I am really going to have to do my research as like it said, it can get very complicated. It's also going to be hard giving up my 'saviour' products if they turn out not to be cruelty-free, but I guess it's worth it!

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    1. I think with enough research substitutes can always be found :)

  2. Hey Jen,
    at the moment I am really into that discussion and stopped buying from any brand that might support animal-testing (including The Body Shop!). I only buy at Lush, Kiko, Catrice and the DM-own-brands (its a drugstore we have in Germany).
    Would love to read more posts about this topic :)))

  3. Good Luck there are a lot of Companies, which are cruelty free. Do you know the blog Kosmetik Vegan? The author made a great list of cruelty-free companies: http://www.kosmetik-vegan.de/tierversuche/

    I don't buy cruelty free cosmetics, simply because its not necessary anymore. There are a lot of option to test cosmetics without using animals.

  4. Hallo, ich kaufe schon seit über einem Jahr ausschließlich Tierversuchsfreie Kosmetik, habe genau gestern einen Post darüber verfasst. Wenn du auch mal vorbei schauen magst :)


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