New In: Little ASOS Haul

I am not the biggest fan of the whole 90ies comeback fashion, I'll admit that straight away. For the longest time I've looked at choker necklaces with disgust, but for some reason it suddenly hit me a few days ago that they're actually kind of cool. Not the tattoo ones, though - I wore those when I was 10 and I refuse to do it nowadays. But a little browse on ASOS and I found some I actually liked, so went ahead and ordered them. Really glad I did, I think they'll look super nice with a plain black dress or just a nice jumper like the one I found in the sale also!

So, yeah. 90ies fashion, come at me. Just the flares... I don't think I'll warm up to those.

- Jen. 


  1. Die Kette ist den goldenen Plättchen ist wirklich schön!

  2. Hey du :)
    Bin grade über Blogzug auf deinen Blog gestoßen und finde es richtig schön hier!
    Werde gleich mal Leser :))))
    Freue mich wenn du auch bei mir vorbeischaust, bin noch neu :)

    xx, Ana


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