New In: Boots & Scarf

I did it again. Ordered way too much on ASOS. (Video Haul about everything I recently got will be up on my YouTube Channel soon as well!)

The piece I am most in love with is this pair of boots. They're the perfect height, super comfortable and they look and feel really nice quality AND they were only £23. You can find them here.

I can't wait to wear them, even though they will make me ridiculously tall.

I also finally caved into getting a new Tartan scarf.... I have loved Tartan for a very long time but lately seeing as EVERYONE seems to be wearing it, I was a bit hesitant to get one and sort of stayed content wearing my Dad's old one.. but I have been wanting a bigger one for ages, so when I saw this one on ASOS, I had to get it. It is now sold out sadly. Booo!

It is so super soft and fluffy and I started to wear it today and I loooooove it. Even though it seems everyone else is wearing the same thing, but... who cares, really?

 - Jen.


  1. serh tolle boots :-) und du hast so einen tollen blog header. ich find den echt gut gemacht

  2. Die Boots sind wirklich der Hammer!
    Gefallen auch mir total gut. :)

    Liebe Grüße

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    Fashion gets Fierce.
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    PS: I love the boots so much! <3


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