A late sunday post...

This post was meant to go up yesterday but I somehow ended up in bed with pizza and Netflix. Again. Who can blame me though? 2015 has been very confusing for me so far as I can neither say it's been a good nor a bad start. I have had just as many bad things happen to me as good and I don't really know what to make of it. You always think the year ahead will be the best one ever, but come February and you are not so sure anymore. I am already pretty sure this year is going to be a lot of hard work but if it is worth it - then so it be. This weekend I have been out and about in London, which is something I rarely do - which is a bit odd as I have lived here for over three years. Never done the tourist-y stuff before. Never really been to the museums, on the London Eye and I have only been to Madame Tussauds as my mum dragged me in when she was visiting about two years ago. Otherwise I live like a stranger in my own house, which is something I want to change in 2015. I want to see London, like, really see it. I know I won't live here forever and it dawned on me that now is probably the best time to do all those things I missed so far. I guess you could call this a sort of New Year's resolution if you want.

Yes, I really need to dye my roots. I know, I know. I am terribly lazy with that and I never seem to get the back of my head because I rush it. Haha.

Shoes - Asos | Leggings - Primark | Long Jumper - ASOS | Jacket - N/A | Scarf - Vintage | Backpack - Primark

- Jen.


  1. schönes Outfit :-)
    musste erstmal herausfinden ob du deutsch sprichst haha, mir gefällt dein Blog echt gut!

  2. :D ich liebe deine Haarfarbe :) steht dir unfassbar gut
    und tolles Outfit :)
    Oh und ich mag deinen Header :)


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