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I hope you all had a super amazing Christmas and that you're ready for the new year. I certainly am - I will go back to Germany for a week tomorrow and am really looking forward to it as I haven't been in almost a year! Crazy. It'll be super fun spending NYE there and following some German traditions and all that.

I just wanted to quickly show you two new pairs of shoes I got because I rarely find shoes I really love and that are comfy and fit well!

As you can see, I already wore these so trust me when I say they're suuuuper comfortable. And they look really cute, too. I cannot currently find them on the ASOS website, so cannot link, sorry!

The next ones are... different. I guess.

I really have no idea what drew me to these but you know when you sometimes see something and you just HAVE to have it, for no particular reason? This is what it was like for me with these. I just wanted them. And now I got them. And even though I think they're hilariously ugly I think I'll actually get quite some wear out of them because I wear so much black that these will go with many outfits.
They're called the Missile Launch Lace Up Brogues and you can get them on ASOS HERE

I actually bought quite some more things in December and filmed a Haul video that will be up soon, too :)

- Jen.


  1. das erste Paar würde mir auch gefallen =)

  2. Boah, die sind richtig, richtig cool! Besonders die silbernen


  3. Looove the silver flats! Such a cool and eye-catching statement piece!

    XX from Germany
    Want Get Repeat

  4. Die silbernen sind ja mal absoluter WAHNSINN!:) Wie würdest du sie denn kombinieren?

    Liebst Leo ♥
    Bei mir findet zurzeit ein Gewinnspiel statt, würde mich sehr freuen wenn du teilnimmst!♥



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