Christmas Wishlist

It has happened. I am at that age where I really cannot think of material items that I would like for Christmas. I am much more excited for the time off work, for evenings cuddling in front of the TV watching Home Alone and other classics, eating more than I should...

But you get asked "Anything you really want this year? My mum is wondering what you may like..." sooo much and I understand better than anyone else that saying "I want nothing" just isn't helpful. I looooove giving presents and I usually don't need help but I know not everyone knows what other people like. So. I thought I would make a wishlist anyway. None of these things I really NEED, but they would be nice to have and maybe it gives you a little last-minute inspiration if you are stuck for ideas yourself!

Unbenannt #1

1. Amazon Kindle
I am very very very much a lover of actual books and I love receiving books and reading from real paper BUT (!), as someone who has moved house a few times I know what a pain it is to own many books. And if I am honest - I rarely read a book twice, so they really just sit on the shelf most of the time.

2. Super sparkly dress
Not this exact one maybe, but I would quite like to get the opportunity to look like a disco ball!

3. Kick-ass boots
Non-leather if possible. I just don't have any yet.

4. A nice backpack
I just love backpacks and they're super handy. I got a black one already but would quite like a slightly more girly one - really like the light lilac.

5. Silly hat
A hat with cat ears?.. Ummm, yes please!

6. Smart blazer
I haven't owned a nice blazer in a while and it's just a nice piece to have, be it for business or just to style an outfit.

7. Blender
I am one of those pretentious smoothie drinkers so a blender has been on my virtual wish list for EVER. I really hope I get one for Christmas. If anyone of my family or friends read this :P

8. Sachtel bag
They may look like school bags but I think in the right colour they're just super versatile and cute. And as I mostly wear black again a soft lilac is really lovely.

9. Loop scarf
I always wear scarves in winter - without one my neck just feels naked and cold. So I can never have enough soft and simple loop scarves.

10. InvisiBobble
As someone with really long hair I know all too well the pains of tangles, ripping and unattractive kinks in the hair.. And as everyone is raving about these I would love to find some on my stocking!

11. Pyjamas

12. Cosy House Slippers
I am someone with notoriously cold feet so fluffy house shoes are a must for me. As I currently don't have any this would be very handy. I would never get real UGG boots by the way, but lack of better photos ;)

13. Socks
Yes. Socks. Because socks are awesome and again, you cannot have too many!

Got myself really excited for Christmas now. 9 days everyone (or 8 if you are from a country where you get to open presents on the 24th like me!)

- Jen.


  1. Nice Blog♥
    I will follow you and hope for your next Post :)
    Keep going♥


  2. Das Kleid finde ich sehr schön <3

  3. Super schöne Wunschliste, da wäre auch das ein oder andere für mich dabei!


  4. I really like your wishlist. I think It´s cool.
    The socks look so cozy and awesome. <3

    xo, Anika


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