Advent Calendar

... It is December 1st - if you are lucky enough to have an Advent calendar, today is the day you can open the first door.
I personally haven't had an Advent calendar in probably 6 years - but I love making them for other people. This is the third year that I am making one and I just wanted to show some photos - maybe it will inspire you to make one next year, it is a lot of fun and makes you feel super festive.

I love this wrapping paper. It's from Paperchase and I actually got it last year (remember my snowflake theme... I didn't end up using it for my actualy presents but this year I found it again and thought it was perfect for an Advent Calendar.) The litte heart-pins are from Tiger and they go from 1-24 (obviously)! As you can maybe tell, this isn't all the parcels but I'll include a photo of the full calendar at the end!

Here are two photos with fairylights in the dark...

And here is the whole thing. I had to use a few different types of wrapping paper as I ran out of the snowflake one :)

Have you ever made one before?

 - Jen.


  1. It must be a couple of years ago now I did a make-your-own version for my kids. My eldest was off to 6th form college so I got both my daughters a bunch of costume jewellery and accessories. I put everything in numbered envelopes in the pockets of a jewellery organiser which was practical if not nearly as pretty as yours. I am totally going to have to step up my game next year...

  2. sehr schöner Adventskalender =)


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