Sunday Post: How I Wrap Christmas Presents

Christmas is near. Whatever you say and how much you are of the opinion that no one shall speak of Christmas before December 1st - Christmas is around the corner so it is inevitable to start thinking about presents and in my case gift wrapping.

I have mentioned this before - I love spending way too much time making sure all my gifts look as good from the outside as they can as I am of the opinion that how you wrap something reflects how much effort you are putting into something. And I am one of those people who enjoys giving gifts more than receiving them - hence I put a great lot of effort into every part of my gift-giving.

I already have a plan for this year's wrapping colour-scheme and all that, but I want to make a video about it and show it all in detail. In this post I wanted to show you what I came up with last year.

I went with a silver-white snowflake theme with little silver bells and chains. I wanted all my presents to look snowy and winter-wonderland like. I kind of wish I could show you some photos of the insides of the gifts as well - but I basically bought white-silver boxes and matching silk paper as well - so that when you open a gift, it feels like opening one of those boutique-boxes :)
In the above picture you can see I left some of the white-silvery boxes "naked" under the ribbon as I thought it looked nice too. I got the boxes at Card Factory; the silver wrapping paper is from Paperchase. The white raffia is from Amazon!
I had so much fun finding all the things and putting it together in the end. I found those snowflake gift tags at Paperchase as well and I originally wanted to strictly keep with white and silver only but I thought the recycled gift-tag look sort of worked and made it all a bit more cute.
The big snowflake charms are from Primark and I think they were only about 2.50 for nine of them! I still have some left this year that I think will look good to just hang on the tree.
I used silver bells too and I just think it is so sweet to have jingly gifts. I had used gold bells the year before when I had a red-gold poinsettia sort of theme. I sadly don't have great photos of those.

So. What do you think? Mental or awesome? :)

- Jen.


  1. Absolutely beautiful! I can't gift-wrap to save my life. I grew up in a family where Christmas was never a big thing and I think I've been doing it wrong...

  2. Also ich finds schön!! Mache mir selbst auch immer viele Gedaken um Geschenkverpackungen :-) Und die Idee mit den kleinen Glöckchen ist super, das muss ich mir merken!

  3. wunderschöne bilder und richtig toller blog!
    wir würden uns echt freuen wenn du auch mal bei uns vorbeischauen würdest.
    liebe grüße ♥♥

  4. Wow how neat,I love those little parcels:)

  5. i love christmas ;D these pics are great ;) they make me want to have presents ...haha:D
    allerliebste Grüße
    deine Limi ♥

  6. These look lovely!! I always spend a lot of time gift wrapping and making sure everything looks neat and uniform, too! Totally awesome! :)


  7. Ohhh wie schön! :) Die Farben gefallen mir richtig gut.

    Ich habe gerade dein "About Me" gelesen und gesehen, dass du nach London gezogen bist. Darf ich fragen wie es dazu kam? :) Nur so aus Interesse. :)

    1. Ich bin hier eigentlich fuer 6 Monate fuer ein Praktikum gewesen. Als das 2012 zuende ging, wollte ich aber dann doch nicht wieder nach Deutschland und habe angefangen hier zu arbeiten :)

  8. Wow, die sehen ja toll aus! Ich bin auch schon richtig in weihnachtsstimmung und brauch nun nur noch ein bisschen übung beim einpacken :D
    liebe grüße, lisa

  9. hi girl!!! you have a so beautiful blog! this post is soo creative and inspiring!! the photos are amazing too!! im your new follower!! hope you can visit mine and follow me too! kisses!


  10. wie wunderschön!!!
    Ich glaube ich sollte mire cht auch solches Silberpapier zulegen, das sieht so unglaublich edel aus :))
    Allie von allieam.blogspot.de


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