How do you dye your hair?

... Is the question I hear most of all.
The answer is so simple though and I feel silly making a whole post about it but I think it will be cool to be able to link people who ask in the future to that post.

So, starting with the basics:
My natural hair colour is a medium ashy brown so if your hair is that colour too and you want to achieve the colour I have, then following these steps should get you there. If you have a different colour, then you will probably have to adjust what I do to your needs. I can not tell you what colour you should use though because I have no idea about such things.

I have been dying my hair red for about 3-4 years I think, even though it hasn't always been the same brand and I sometimes go a bit crazy. I don't always use the exact same colour and there is plenty of colours out there that give a similar result, but I come back to this one from Superdrug all the time.

Shade: Mango Copper Burst

I know, it looks pretty orange but fear not, it doesn't come out like that the way I do it.
First of all I want to say though, that if you want to use this colour, please do it in a room with a window open as this colour is very very aggressive to the eyes and if you do it in a closed room your eyes will burn and really hurt.

What I really like about Superdrug colours is that they are BUAV-approved, meaning they are not tested on animals, which is an important buying factor for me.

So... What do I do? Well, as my hair is already red, I only touch up my roots. And I only leave it in for 15 minutes MAX! Otherwise it goes too dark and red.
If it is the first time dying your hair red, be aware this dye contains peroxide and therefore is PERMANENT. Also make sure you have enough dye for your hair - at my current length I am pretty sure I would need 2-3 boxes to dye all of my hair successfully. Also be aware this dye will damage your hair as it contains bleach, so make sure you deep condition afterwards.

After 15 minutes I just rinse it out, shampoo my hair, condition and that really is it. I have done it so many times that I know exactly when the shade is right and you can't tell the difference between the roots and the rest of my hair.

I dye my roots every 6-8 weeks.

This is what my hair colour looks like (please note that red hair tends to look yellow, orange or even brown depending on the light!):

Hope this was helpful.

- Jen.


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