Autumn is here

It is crazy that tomorrow is already December 1st but I am loving the weather in London at the moment - finally not wet but sunny, chilly and just autumnal to the core. This is my favourite season so yesterday I had to make sure to take a stroll to the park.

Of course, Lydia and me did not have to luck the actually meet up last weekend (due to bad weather), so the new plan is to do it next weekend... Finger's crossed!
I am 100% busy with Christmas presents already - I will also admit that I was using Black Friday deals on Friday and some really helped me out! So weird - the last few years it really wasn't a big deal here in the UK but this year people seem to go mental over it!
What do you think of the whole Black Friday/Cyber Monday business? Nonsense or good?

I have lots planned for this blog in the next few weeks :)

- Jen.


  1. Was für tolle Bilder! Das Eichhörnchen ist ja süß :)
    Das Outfit gefällt mir jedoch auch sehr gut!
    In Deutschland ist das Thema mit Black Friday etc
    nicht soo von Bedeutung, deshalb kann ich leider
    nicht viel dazu sagen. Ich fände es jedenfalls sehr cool :D

    Alles Liebe <3


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