VIDEO: 11 Facts About Me

Today I tried to think of 50 facts about me... But could only come up with 11!

1. I fainted when I got my panda tattoo done. 

2. I have 26 teeth (... I know right? What's that all about?) 

3. I have a single transverse palmar crease. (Google it!) 

4. My favourite fruit is strawberry (or pineapple). 

5. I was born with a broken leg. 

6. I do not like coffee, tea, wine, champagne or beer. 

7. I do not have a middle name. 

8. Summer is my least favourite season. 

9. I was born and raised in Germany. 

10. I have terrible handwriting. 

11. I had French in school for eight years and I can't really say anything. 

Here is the tag in video form: - Jen.

1 comment:

  1. Sehr interessante Fakten!!!
    Hab auch schon überlegt mit Youtube anzufangen. Dein Blog ist super :)

    Liebst, Dilan


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