the job problem.

Let me tell you one thing: If you want a job in the creative industry but you're not willing to be rejected about 848937428374 times and live off of 15quid a week for a year or two, do not, I repeat, DO NOT try it.

My internship is in its last few weeks aaaand good jobs don't come easy.

- Jen.


  1. Ich will deine Haare. wie lang hast du gebraucht bis sie so lang waren? Ich versuchs immer wieder aber im Endeffekt müssen sie eh wieder ab weil zu kaputt wegen färbenglättenblablakacksdrecks.

    kenn dich übrigens noch aus dem MCR-Forum :-)

  2. :/ Poor thing... I know so many peopl, going through the same process. Don't give up! You'll make it!! :) Hard as it is, you do have a good sense of style ;)


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