Vegan grilled sandwich

Still on a mission to finding the nicest vegan dishes. I got a vegan cook book for my birthday as well so I will be experimenting quite a bit in the near future. I have found that eating vegan so far really has not been about restricting yourself but finding a whole new world of foods that not many people seem to know.

This week I tried my first ever grilled sandwich without cheese - and it was seriously super delicious and only took about ten minutes to make.

These are filled with a bunch of nice things, including avocado, hummus, lettuce... And they're a great quick lunch that does not require much preparation at all. You can totally mix the fillings up and put in whatever is in the fridge. I think beetroot, mushrooms and sprouts would be really nice as well.

What you need to make these:

- Bread (I used brown wholegrain bread)
- Avocado
- Tomatoes
- Hummus
- Seeds (I used mixed seeds with pine, sunflower and pumpkin)
- Lettuce
- Roasted Onions (Also called Salad Crispies. They're optional but I loooove them!)

I spread hummous on both slices and topped them with the rest of the ingredients. I had made a tomato-avocado salsa a few days prior (with some lemon juice, oil and vinegar) which was perfect to use up in this recipe...

Make sure you squeeze them together quite well so nothing falls out. Then butter (with vegan margarine of course) the outsides and grill in a grilling pan (or a panini maker - if you have one!) for about 3 minutes each side, depending on how hot your pan is.

Rubbing the bread with some garlic is also very nice, if you happen to have some. I didn't and it was still great.
The bread gets nice and crispy and the filling gets slightly softer, keeping all the flavour though. I would make sure to not put too many tomatoes in as they might make everything a bit too soggy. I have made quite a few of these in the last few days and they last one I made was definitely the best as I made sure to really squeeze everything in tight.

You can serve this with salsa and hummous for dipping but I find it is juicy enough to be eaten on its own - but that's personal preference really.

Hope this inspired you to try and make your own :)



  1. Your Toast looks so delicious :D
    Perfect for a little snack when you don't have time (:


  2. WOW, great Foof photos. i love them. It's a pity, that you have just a little numbr of readers. You should have more, because your photos are very good. It looks so delicius :))



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