Vegan lunch.

In an attempt at keeping at my New Year's resolutions I tried to put together a completely vegan meal today.

I have been pescetarian since 2008 and a few months ago I also cut out fish and seafood completely. I switched to soy milk and vegetable margarine and I rarely eat eggs now.
For 2014 my goal is to ban animal products (and by-products) completely from my plate. I almost made that jump last summer but modern supermarkets do not always make it easy to find things to eat.

... And shopping at Wholefoods every week can really make a dent in your bank account.

But this time I am determined. There must be a way to eat vegan without spending a fortune as well as not missing out on all the good stuff.

Here is my vegan twist on a classic mushroom dish..

It was super easy and quick to make as well.
All you need is:
Oil (I used olive)
Mushrooms (any, really, I used chestnut but button mushrooms work great too! Or mix them up.)
Tomatoes (cherry tomatoes work best)
Seeds (I used mixed seeds with pumpkin, pine and sunflower)
Veg. cream (I can recommend soy and oat creams)
Rice (I used wild + long grain. Wholegrain is also great)

Salt, Pepper, dried or fresh parsley, dried or fresh chives (or spring onions), any other seasonings you like.

You just want boil rice and meanwhile roast the seeds in a dry pan for a couple of minutes, then put them aside.
Stir the mushrooms in a bit of oil in the pan until they shrink, add tomatoes and let it sit for about three minutes until the tomato skins starts to crinkle up. You can start to season slightly already.
Once the mushrooms have some colour and the tomatoes start to go just a bit mushy, add cream (as much as you like) and stir. Now season to taste, add fresh herbs last (if you have any) and garnish on a plate with the rice. Sprinkle roasted seeds on top.. and that is all!

This dish also works great with any sort of pasta.

I am always shocked once again how I cannot taste any difference when cooking with plant creams.. They taste just as rich and not funny at all!

Give it a try even if you do not eat vegetarian (or vegan) at all, you might be pleasantly suprised ;)


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