January Sun

It is January, but we have 10 degrees and it is sunny.

Sometimes I still find myself really confused about the south English weather and the absence of real seasons. But I have to say, it is nice not having to get up at 6am to shovel away metres of snow outside your house. Instead, you wake up to birds singing, the sun shining and it being warm enough for you to actually leave your winter coat at home (not the umbrella, though (contrary to popular belief I do have to say it rains more in Northern Germany though)).

So yesterday I stepped out on my balcony and was pleasantly surprised at the weather, so I got my camera out and took some good old-school "selfies".

I am a bit obsessed with this dress at the moment - I think I am a bit behind on this trend as everyone seemed to have gotten a hold of a dress like this when Kate Middleton wore a similar one (I think it was from TopShop?)... But I clearly missed it and jumped on the bandwagon just now.
There is something about contract collars I find really intriguing, but usually there are a bit too childish for my taste. In this case it is just right though - not too much and as it is a monochrome dress it just has this slight goth-y vibe to it anyways.

I am currently trying to get my camera out every day - even if I am just taking photos of my food or a squirrel in the park. So I will use this blog to sort of... document my life if you will. I cannot promise it will be interesting, but I hope it will help me to gain back some creativity I have lost over the cold months.



  1. Where did you get the dress? :)

  2. really like your blog. nice style! you have a new follower! ;)


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